Types of traditional African cooking pots

Traditional African pots are an important part of African culture. Different types of pots are common in different parts of the continent. The pots are so important that have been synonymous with the food cooked in them; so much so that food and cooking pot often share the same name.


The potjie is deep, round, cast-iron pot with three legs. European explorers brought these cast iron pots to Africa during expeditions. Potjies spread throughout Africa but particularly are linked to the South African culture and cuisine.

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A tagine is a distinctive ceramic. The shallow container also doubles as a serving dish. It gets its distinctive aspect of a lid as long cone. The tagine is traditionally used in North Africa and is said to have originated in Morocco.


A pumpkin is typically used to hold and serve food. It is a dried gourd, hollow cut shaped bowl.Pumpkin is as African icon Johannesburg Soccer City Stadium was renovated to look like one in 2010.


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