Just back from an amazing trip for Uganda (we’ll discuss that country other day) and together with my fellow travelers and in order to continue enjoying the wonders of this continent, we decided autoregalarnos a cycle of African cinema. Black Africa, because North Africa has another good selection of films like Casablanca or undoubted quality Babel among others.

We have prepared a list of the best films set in Africa, and these are the ones we selected. Also, for the best quality of movies, we highly recommend you to watch series on project free tv.

Gorillas in the Mist
Coming back from Uganda, could not be another. Sigourney Weaver gets into the skin of Dianne Fossey , an American zoologist who struggle for preservation of the last mountain gorillas. Nominated for several Oscars and incredible photography, brings us the real story of this defender of animals. Probably without the commitment of this woman, today we could see these primates in their natural habitat.


Hotel Rwanda
One of my favorite and chilling true story that took place during the genocide Hutu -Tutsi movies. The hotel manager in Kigali Hotel Des Mille Colines, an ethnic Hutu, thanks to his charisma and certain bribes get shelter to all Tutsis, Hutus chased by soldiers, come to takerefuge in his hotel. This story is just one brushstroke of the terrible events in 94 and both the international community and the UN itself chose to look the other way.


The Last King of Scotland
Other peliculón developed in Uganda. Mixes reality and fiction. Tells the life (fictitious) young Scottish doctor of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (real), embodied in Forest Whitaker , and whose role won a deserved Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA. Chilling the end.

Out of Africa

Probably the great classic of African cinema. It starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, is based on the book by writer Danish Karen Blixen , who after a marriage of convenience is to live on a coffee plantation in Kenya. There she meets the hunter Finch Hatton (Michael Douglas) who makes him regain the joy of living. Winner of 7 Oscars, is definitely a must for movie lovers Africa.

The Constant Gardener

Movie -denuncia based on the book by John Le Carré on the atrocities of the pharmaceutical industry, which no doubt try drugs in humans for profit. When Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes), he discovers that his wife Tessa (Rachel Weisz), has been murdered while investigating a web of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, began its own investigation.

The demons of the night

Another film based on real events, where the problems arose from the construction of the railroad to Mombasa, crossing the Kenyan park of Tsavo, the late nineteenth century are counted, and where a pair of lions killed several workers during the construction of a bridge. Among a professional hunter (Michael Douglas) and the project architect (Val Kilmer) trying to hunt them down. The film did not get very good reviews but is entertaining for a Sunday afternoon.

Blood Diamond

Another great film-complaint starring Leonardo DiCaprio and 5 Oscar nominations. The story takes place in the 90s in Sierra Leone where warlords and by employing slaves, diamonds mined riverbeds. The film is about the desperate quest to recover a large diamond buried by a fisherman and atrocities committed just over 10 years ago in West Africa.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Sympathetic comedy where a Bushman of the Kalahari is a bottle of coke thrown from a plane. Thinking it is a gift from the gods, takes her to his village. The foreign object begin to be coveted by all and break the harmony of the tribe. Therefore, Xi, the protagonist decides to take her to the end of the known world and return it to the gods.

The Queen of Africa

Another classic of African cinema. During the First World War in German East Africa, an alcoholic sea captain (Humphrey Bogart) and a missionary (Katharine Hepburn) embark on the boat African Queen, in a dangerous journey through the Ulanga River to Lake Victoria escaping the German patrol boats.

Kony 2012

Impressive documentary (subtitled in Spanish if you press CC) produced by an American NGO which has set a goal to catch in 2012 to Joseph Kony, warlord from Uganda that has enslaved more than 30,000 children using them as child soldiers. The success of this campaign on social networks has gotten great support from the international community and the government of the United States itself is working to catch this monster sooner.


Are many more films in the pipeline, such as Mogambo, Hatari !, White Hunter, black heart, Cry Freedom or King Solomon’s Mines. Or any other that has escaped me and I will be happy to incorporate the counsel them my film library. But I hope you enjoy this fine example of good cinema inspired by Africa.

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