Access to the best links manuals related to automotive, from one place.
Save hours of surfing the web, looking for where to download workshop manuals, mechanical and repair, as we have already done us for you.

We have grouped the 7 best links to facilitate easy work and not you may have to waste time these searches.
Then we show 7 links that you may know well where to look workshop manuals, mechanical and repair, accessing a quick and easy way to these manuals, click here for reviews.


1. manuals mechanics:

On this site, upon checking as users, we can have access to download manuals free workshop in PDF format, thanks to users who share these manuals in your social network.

We may find manuals workshop Toyota, Renault, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Seat, Yamaha …

In its category of service manuals they are classified by:

  • Car Workshop manuals.
  • Motorcycle Workshop manuals.
  • Workshop manuals heavy vehicles.
  • User manuals and owner.

We will also have access to any manual mechanics and mechanical engineering and automotive mechanics.

It also provides a forum to consult any doubt about repairing your vehicle, where users respond.

Not all books are found in Castilian but some are in English or French.

2. Book Engine:

Book Motor SL is the largest specialized in the motor world of Spain bookstore.

Through their website you can access Workshop manuals in several languages, making a selection by brand.

This time is not free but the price of these manuals is between € 27.50 and € 31.50.

Offer phone or email to answer any questions about publications related to the automotive world and motorcycling help.

Its catalog has more than 20,000 titles in several languages ​​and specialized in all subjects (new history and classics, sport, general mechanics, workshop manuals and maintenance, catering) world automotive, motorcycle, trucks, military vehicles, modelismo and dvds.

By buying one of his titles and not you have to wait long, as have stock of all publications.


3. Service manuals:, it is this site where we can download Service manuals , servicemanuals , maintenance including repair vehicles of different brands.


The downloads are completely free , just register, with user name and password, and I like to give your social network on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


The downloads are made in a .rar file, which will have access once downloaded.


4. Free Manual automotive workshop:

On this occasion, we leave the link to a blog, where we have access to multiple manuals workshop from 2007 to 2013.

We can view these manuals or download .

These downloads of manuals and workshop mechanics are completely free.


The brands that have workshop manuals are:

Toyota, Volkswagen, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, Mazda, Subaru, Peugeot, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Chrysler Dodge, Mitsubishi, Grat Wall, Renault and Land Rover.


5. Amateur mechanics:

Mechanics fans  is a website where knowledge of auto mechanics are shared with users without registering for direct downloads.

We can find links to websites of training, interesting websites for users who are inmechanics courses , web pages mechanics and general engine, discussion forums, Classic Cars, a section of it yourself and links for rental boxes.

In addition to the links section has an open forum.

Most interesting are direct downloads, where we find the following sections:


  • Electromechanics
  • Vehicle electrics
  • Transmission, steering and braking
  • catalogs
  • Construction machinery
  • Automotive history and themes several
  • special students
  • Special Diesel engines

It also has a section of indirect discharges, although for download but this time if you need to register.


6. manuals all:, is a platform for online viewing or download in .pdf manual for free and without registration.

Among all we find a section for manuals Manuals for Auto in “online” and although not much content, we can find some interesting manuals such as:

Repair Manual Ford Ka 01, 02 and 03

This manual offers information on the characteristics of the range and technical data of these vehicles.

Repair procedures and setting are guiding both the professional mechanic , and those with less experience.

Specifically this manual can view it here:

Technical Data Manual Gasoline Engines

Here reinforced visualize specific information, such as valve calibration and tolerances, torques, measures engines manufactured in Mexico and imported until 2000.

In “recent engines” are: Lucino, Sentra, Maxima 99, Windstar, Ford Fiesta, Pointer VW, Sunfirede GM, Stratus and Cirrus Chrysler, Civic, Honda Accord, among others, which makes it more significant information contained.

You can see it right here:


And of course , it gives us the option to download workshop manuals and owner in the
download section.

We have access to this link directly from here:




7. Mecanicoautomotriz:
In we can find manuals in PDF for free download through Google Drive or Box, consumer tastes.

This site offers subscribe to email me your latest updates and keep up.

The themes of the manuals that here we see are:

  • Automotive Mechanics –
  • General systems –
  • General Motors –





We hope have helped you with your searches while facilitaros help you and your work.

You know that you will here find manuals mechanics, workshop manuals online, manuals PDF, workshop manuals in Spanish and other languages, workshop manuals free or paid, manuals mechanics and definitive all kinds of manuals for your workshop workshop automotive.

Where looking for you, your shop manuals? If your favorite place is not on this post, please share it with us.

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