Peace, conflict and security in Africa: New challenges and new perspectives

Peace and security in sub-Saharan Africa has become in recent years one of the main topics of discussion and reflection at international level.The 50th anniversary of African independence processes is a good opportunity to take stock and analyze the main challenges and dilemmas for the future. The situation of some conflicts, the evolution of the peace process, the role of civil society and regional organizations as well as the emerging role of the African Union are some of the main themes of this conference.


Based on the experience of experts, activists and institutional representatives, the conference want to be a space of reflection, dissemination and plural meeting to contribute to the ongoing debate on the agenda and the great challenges of building peace and security on the continent African. In addition, the ICIP, in collaboration with Casa Africa and the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), wants Africa to become permanent center of interest, reflection and action in our country, you can learn more at jtautosecurity co uk


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