Nerion reports that the malware of the future will be created partly in Africa and Central America

Nerion reports that, according to F-Secure, the malware sources of the future be extended to Africa and Central America

They have also briefly reviewed the history of the origin of the malware, concluding that in the future, besides the usual locations where the current malware originates, Africa and Central America represent a new source of organized crime.

We know, and we have repeated for a long time, that the current malware is perfectly organized and really hard to remove malware, and the two great schools reside in Brazil and Eastern Europe, mainly Russia. China is also presented as a major power in recent times, when creating Trojans. The reasons are several, and probably due in fact a cluster of many others not mentioned. In principle, Russia has traditionally been a country of great mathematicians and scientists, however, Brazil, China or Russia itself have had neither the industry nor necessary to absorb the potential possessed infrastructure. People who want to exploit their skills, acquired self-taught via the Internet or specific books, come almost naturally to a perfectly structured and seated where you can get money easily, or are directly absorbed and hired a criminal organization salary if their skills so deserve.

In the late eighties, early nineties and almost at the beginning of the century, the malware came from several countries, much more spread worldwide. Almost all countries with access to the Internet then, including many of Europe (including Spain with great viral potential, where the ‘scene’ came to be of high quality), United States, Japan, India and Australia … were the center viral par excellence. Many times virus came from these parts of the world.

Since the malware is industry (by 2004), however, production has been concentrated mainly in the countries mentioned above (Brazil, Russia and China) outshining the rest. According to F-Secure, in the coming years they will diversify sources toward the center of Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia. This should further development of technologies in countries with limited resources to absorb skills. Again, the circumstances of what appears to be the perfect breeding ground for organized crime computer would.

They do exist in Central America and more or less organized small pockets that create more or less primitive malware, and is expected to change over time, and sophisticated creations go. In any case, everyone will have to comply with the remains left by the Brazilians and Russians, who by far monopolize the viral market right now and it seems that the deal will change in the coming years.

But above all, it seems that there is much for any country to take the lead in Russia, where they have won a very great advantage over the rest in quality and quantity of production of malware.

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