Higher-level African crane will be installed in Port-Amboim


A crane four thousand 500 tons, capable of lifting equipment up to 2,500 tons, will be installed in the company Manufacture of structures and equipment for the production of oil-PAENAL, located in the municipality of Port-Amboim, Province Kwanza Sul, after the conclusion of the works at the local dock planned for 2013, announced to the press, its CEO, César Guerra.


For Cesar Guerra, who spoke to reporters this week public bodies of the Social Communication Performance Training Solutions, at the end of a visit to the shipyard, crane installation that allow the PAENAL make history in Angola in particular and Africa in general, to integrate these teams for the first time at the continental level.
According to the source, currently all work lifting equipment to 2,500 tons is made in China, Singapore, Brazil and Europe, and reaffirmed that level in Africa will be the first time you work with crane genre because the currently installed in PAENAl in Port-Amboim, up only 800 tons of equipment.
He urged evaluate the production of your company, stressed that the shipyard started with small projects, is now making greater is the “Clov” for the Total and Sonangol, and builds a project up to 7,500 tons.
He stressed that having another project in Goma, which aims to build 1,500 tons of equipment and has another “Mafumeira” for Total, which starts next year, also has other proposals such as the “Clov project,” production seven tons, which allows them to have a secure job until 2015.
The aforementioned company, founded in 2008, employs a thousand workers in different areas, of which 650 Angolans linked directly to the production area (80 percent are from the province of Kwanza Sul).

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