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Nerion reports that the malware of the future will be created partly in Africa and Central America

Nerion reports that, according to F-Secure, the malware sources of the future be extended to Africa and Central America They have also briefly reviewed the history of the origin of the malware, concluding that in the future, besides the usual locations where the current malware originates, Africa and Central America represent a new source of […]


Just back from an amazing trip for Uganda (we’ll discuss that country other day) and together with my fellow travelers and in order to continue enjoying the wonders of this continent, we decided autoregalarnos a cycle of African cinema. Black Africa, because North Africa has another good selection of films like Casablanca or undoubted quality […]

Ten essential African movies

The year that has just ended, 2014, will be remembered as a particularly rich in the production of cinema in sub-Saharan Africa and its diaspora. As shown, in the major international competitions, with Cannes and Toronto to head, the harvest in number and quality of African movies has been such that, waiting for the 15th […]

Types of traditional African cooking pots

Traditional African pots are an important part of African culture. Different types of pots are common in different parts of the continent. The pots are so important that have been synonymous with the food cooked in them; so much so that food and cooking pot often share the same name. potjie The potjie is deep, […]

Top 10 CEOs in Africa

1 – Alhaji Aliko Dangote is undoubtedly Africa’s best known CEO and president. He is the continent’s wealthiest man and sits at the helm of the Dangote Group. The Nigerian self-made business magnate has an estimated net worth of $16.1 billion as of March 2013. Based in Nigeria, his company has interests in commodities with […]


IDF estimates that every 20 seconds there is a person who loses a limb due to diabetes. Now the Federation has launched a new initiative, with various stakeholders, aimed at improving the health care of the feet for people with diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa. The Diabetes Africa Foot Initiative (DAFI) develop a sustainable program for […]