AfricaPachanga DJ Set, a collection of African music that seduces 2015

To close the weekend with good pace we offer this session in which we include some of the songs of African music 2015 we have dj hire melbourne mix. Among them, we have included some musicians who have spent many years longer with us; to Cheikh Lô , which continues giving ourselves discs great quality never lose its high level and also Tony Allen , the drummer of Afrobeat who was at the origins of this sound in the 70s with Fela Kuti, and continues to offer works teachers each time you enter a recording studio.

Another legendary figure is Pat Thomas , singer Ghana 70s, who used to sing in some of the masterpieces of Ebo Taylor, and who has returned to record a full modernized highlife, after many years inactive disk.We cross the border north pay tribute to Amadou Ballaké , the star of Burkina Fasso 60s and 70s, who unfortunately left us in the summer of 2014 after recording a great album: “In Conclusions” published this year, which he reviewed some of his greatest songs with musicians from his country showing he had lost none of his great voice.

On the other hand, we have musicians who have discovered this year as Kantala : instrumentalist kora which we have incorporated in this list through a topic with light skatalíticos touches accompanied by rapper Humanist Mao Sidibe , Senegal, with his first full Jamaican pop and references. Also  Baba Commandant , a musician Bobo-Diolasso, the musical capital of Burkina Faso, the Mandingo merging rock music with a certain psychedelic flavor. And there ‘s more: Cape Verde, wonderful and evocative voices of Lura and Elida Almeida and the afrofunk and Afrobeat band of Parisian Les Freres Smith. But the big surprise came with us from Congo debut album Mbongwana Star , a group formed by former members of Staff Benda Bilili, a band composed of paraplegic street musicians who thrilled us in recent years with their two albums; but a few months ago they decided to dissolve and form this new band with a much more experimental and risky Congolese sound.

Finally, in this selection of African songs of 2015, we have not been able to resist to include a couple of songs of the 70s reissued last year: one of Chief Checker , a dark Nigerian reggae musician very little known, and the other, Verckys , one of the most important saxophonists of Congolese rumba, which he founded in the late 50’s OK Jazz with Franco, creating a unique sound that laid the foundation for everything that was done in the Congo during the following years. Finally a subject of the Orchestre Veve, which later formed Verckys, we close this collection of songs that we hope you enjoy the most!

Play List

  1. Cheikh Lô – Doyal Naniou
  2. Amadou Ballake – Fanta
  3. Lura – Sabi di More
  4. Kantala – Bimogo
  5. Mao Sidibe – Djigéen
  6. Baba Commandant – DJanfa
  7. Pat Thomas – Amaehu
  8. Tony Allen – Ire Omo
  9. Mbongwana Star – 1 million c’est quoi
  10. Les Freres Smith – Free To Go – 03 YYYYYY Trouble
  11. Chief Checker – Ire Africa
  12. Elida Almeida – Lebam Ku Bo


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